Meet our Ambassadors of the Year 2020

Ambassadors of the Year

Judy M. Magu is the Director of the African Region comprising the whole of the African Continent.

Judy M. Magu

Judy M. Magu is the Executive Director of the African Region comprising of Northern , Central, West , East and Southern African regions. Ms. Magu is a Global Goodwill Ambassador and serves as the Focal leader for Health and Education for GGA Kenya Chapter .she is also Global Youth Leaders
lovisa peace tracts chairman

Lovisa Viktorsson

World Peace Tracts - Registrar Ms. Viktorsson has completed a Master Degree in Political Science at Uppsala University, as well as political science studies at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Drawing is and has always been a natural part of her life, and many people have inspired her creative work, among them

Susanna Godée

Ms. Susanna Godée Board Member Ms. Godée works as a project manager (CRA) at the Swedish branch of Quintiles, a world-wide company specialized at clinical research and drug development. She lives in Uppsala, Sweden, with her husband.

Dr. Lena Rundström

Ms. Lena Rundström Ms. Rundström works as a Medical Doctor at Torsby Hospital, Sweden. Besides working in Sweden she has also practiced her medical skills in the countryside of India, Turkey, and Uganda.
ragne peace ambassador los cobos

Ragne Sinikas

World Peace Tracts Ambassador Mexico Mrs Ragne Sinikas is a seasoned entrepreneur. She is the Founder of the World Women Conference & Awards (WWCA),, Complex Holding, Starpreneurs TV, Untold Story Foundation, Change Makers Coach, Public Speaker, Philanthropist. Los Cabos

Adriana Tilinca

World Peace Tracts Ambassador - Romania Adi is a banking specialist and servers on our Advisory Board and is our Peace Ambassador of Romania.

Dr. Mahmoud Geramian

World Peace Ambassador - Iran CEO/Founder at P.A.K.A Publications. PhD in English speaking treatment. Tehran, Iran Greetings to good people and lovers of humanity and life. I am of the opinion that, as much as I am able to establish peace and tranquility, I have the friendship among all human

Hassan Rachiqi

World Peace Ambassador - Morocco CEO and FOUNDER RACHIQI distribution| known as a peace maker | against antisémitisme Peace Ambassador to Morroco World Peace Tracts Kenitra, Rabat-Sale, Morocco

Sharifah Khan

World Peace Ambassador - Malaysia Love What You Do & It Means Alot.* Tutor / Entrepreneur / Content Writer/ /HR & PR/ F&B / Home Decorator / Kanowit, Sarawak, Malaysia
peace ambassaador of israel

Karen Leshem

World Peace Ambassador - Israel Karen Leshem serves on as a World Peace Ambassador and a Member of our International Advisory Board of Directors. Ms. Leshem, or Sela, is a CEO of an Israeli Medical Device company and is an MBA from Clark University

Mavayna Manav “Mansi”

World Peace Ambassador - India Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) ?? /State Chairperson,Youth Wing “NHRHF” ??/Global Peace Ambassador ??/ Ambassador “My Body is My Body” USA ??/ WYIMUN Ambassador ????|Child Ambassador “THAC” Finland ?? A highly motivated young humanitarian who has decided to dedicate her life to empower women. She had won

Livingrich (Ifegwu) Ezeikpe

Africa Director & World Peace Ambassador Nigeria Public Relations Administrator at African youths on missions Team Motivation, Leadership, Motivational Interviewing, and Performance Motivation, Lecturing/Teaching, Training; etc. Strong International Affairs/Diplomacy, Administration, Escatological and communication professional, with series of completed degrees, plus a Doctor of Philosophy - PhD degree candidate, in International
Mahendra Singh-India

Mahendra Singh

World Peace Ambassador - India Founder & CEO | Chief of R&D in Digital Health, AI Health@Global DigiAIHealth | Expert Member Digital Health,WHO Geneva. About Mahendra is a visionary, revolutionary serial HealthTechpreneur, Passionate Next Generation Digital Health Deep AI Health &Telemedicine Innovator & Researcher with an exceptional synergy of Digital

Ezekiel Adu

World Peace Ambassador - United Arab Emirates ? Logistics and Transport Pro. |?️ Passionate Innovator | ? Start-Up Growth Enthusiast | ? Aspiring Philanthropist A self-starter and a quick-learner who always exceeds expectations with proven ability to manage multiple projects while meeting challenging deadlines, and passionately empathize with global challenges,
Founder & Philanthropist at MuliaSmarak, Bellaguntha, Odisha, India About Damodar - A catalyst for change, Educationist, Social Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. Passionate about child rights, education and woman’s empowerment and on a mission to inspire and innovate for positive change and empowerment. Born in a lower middle-class family in Odisha, India. Educated in India, lived and worked in many places in India and presently living in USA (since June 2018) with his family working in “Wipro Limited”, an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services. An inquisitive and highly motivated individual who loves to work for the betterment of his society. I believe being the World Peace Ambassador would definitely transcend my efforts about World Peace in a better way to a larger audience. I also look forward to spread the awareness on World Peace and inspire others to join and be a propagator of World Peace. He states – “Charity begins at Home, that’s why he has founded MuliaSmarak (His father’s Memorial Scholarship) on his personal fund to support on Education to the underprivileged students of his village –Bellaguntha and named it as PSR – Personal Social Responsibility In his free time, he is involved in philanthropic, social and sports activities.

Damodar Sahu

World Peace Ambassador -  India Digital Strategist | Industry X.0 Practitioner | Mfg. & Automotive at Wipro | Speaker|Research Scholar| Philanthropist | Founder & Philanthropist at MuliaSmarak, Bellaguntha, Odisha, India About - A catalyst for change, Educationist, Social Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. Passionate about child rights, education and woman’s empowerment
world peace ambassador of nigeria

Victoria Odeyemi

Founder @Overcomer Global Consults/ Founder @Juveniles' Hope Source/ G & C @TECH-WORK/ Salespreneur @Pipeliner Inc  Victoria Odeyemi is the Founder of Juveniles Hope Source, a youth-led NGO who is passionate about quality education, a preacher against Sugar Daddy, cultism, drug abuse, sex abuse and suicidal among teenagers, as well as promoting

Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri

Flags of the United Arab Emirates. World Peace Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates CEO | Senior Advisor Royal Family Offices, UAE | Investor Senior Advisor to the Royal Family Offices of the United Arab Emirates. CEO at TrustWithTrade Group of companies. Happy to connect with investors and entrepreneurs who
LordZiaChoudhury peace ambassador

Lord Zia Choudhury Baron of Breifne

World Peace Ambassador of the United Kingdom Thought and visionairy leadership for a better safer and more prosperous world. Philanthropist. Visionary Entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of AutoDrive Logistics Ltd, an automobile logistics company based in the UK. Founder & CEO of Exclusively Bollywood - Models & Artist Having

Mahlet Sebsibe Haile

World Peace Ambassador of Ethiopia Accountant,initiator atwomensempowerment,president of AddisAbabaPeaceClub ofEthiopia, PeaceAgent at WorldPeaceinitiative, Ambassador of sustainability. I have been working with young people in Ethiopia for the past three years upholding the core values of Integrity, commitment and hard work in all my community driven endeavors and i am a
Richard DiPilla World Peace Ambassador USA

Richard DiPilla

World Peace Ambassador - USA About When I founded Global Goodwill Ambassadors years ago, I had no idea that it would become a beacon of light for so many good hearted people from around the world. Once discovered, I now realize that the value of human kindness is immeasurable. Global
Dr. Eno Praise

Dr. Eno Praise

World Peace Ambassador of Nigeria Chief Strategist at Todoroki Afrika Ltd Nigeria Dr. Praise is the Chief Strategist at Todoroki Afrika. Todoroki Afrika is The Strategic Global Consulting Firm that provides Branding, Corporate Trainings, Human Resource, Innovative Strategy, Consulting, Operations Services, and Integrated Media Solutions. His training focus covers Performance

Tariq Bhatty

World Peace Ambssador of the Phillipines Global Goodwill Ambassodor, Philippines at Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines
Germanyl Peace Ambassador

Hon. Detlef G Reddig

World Peace Ambassador of Germany Hon. Detlef G. Reddig - Expert Artificial Intelligence Senior Project Manager / Entrepreneurship, Ambassador of Peace INSPAD, Global Goodwill Ambassador Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Area Germany

Clement Aghayere

World Peace Ambassador of the UK and Nigeria Clement Aghayere Chairman and CEO (Global Chairman Investment banking Divsion) at Africa bridge capital management London About British Founder, Strategist, keynote speaker & Global thought Leader , British Banker, Former Barclays bank PLC [ Sr Exec & Board member, Chair Finance comittee
Dr.Joseph Jayakumar Santhappan

Dr. Joseph Jayakumar Santhappan

World Peace Ambassador of India Pastor, Humanitarian worker, Charity Founder, Watchman for Israel, Motivator, Avid Traveller. I revere and honour G-d and people. I believe that we rise in life by lifting others. I am an outgoing person always seeking to help others. It is my deep passion and desire

Alisa Eshet Moses

World Peace Ambassador of Israel Director and board member at Asian-Arab chamber of commerce. C.T.O of the Israel badminton association. - "Peace is important for our existence Women must be part of decision-making and conflict resolution" Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - I

Dr. Jane Kerubo Nyabonyi

World Peace Ambassador of Kenya Medical Doctor / Clinical Officer - looking for new Opportunity Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja

Dr. Jessica Natalia Widjaja

World Peace Ambassador of Indonesia Dr. Jessica Natalia Widjaja is the author of the political motivational book, “Kalbu Indonesia” and she entered the political world at a very young age. Her role in Indonesia’s political world influences the growth and development of the young generation in Indonesia. “Kalbu Indonesia” translates

Yonas Duguma Daba

World Peace Ambassador of Ethiopia Bachelor degree from hawasa university in mechanical engineering and MBA in business adminstration from leadstar college. i worked as an associate consultant at center for Africa leadership development and as a market consultant and trainner at mintu investment group. I'm the founder of YENE ETHIOPIA

Josune Basterra Bustinza

World Peace Ambassador of Spain I have always been very interested in promulgating peace around the world. I try to contribute to spread the message on social media. I am very proud to see the effort that Israel and UAE have made to leave differences aside and focus on peace.
Pastor at Open Healing Ministries Int'l Nigeria

Destiny Dike Okoh

World Peace Ambassador of Nigeria I am a pastor, author and consultant that restore builders and release destinies to fulfill their colourful assignments. I am married with children to the glory of God. I want to start a World Peace Affiliate in my nation, state or city., I want to
Elizabeth Abaye

Elizabeth Iyadi Abaye

World Peace Ambassador of Nigeria Elizabeth Abaye 2nd degree connection2nd Elizabeth has a account Author, God's servant, Taking The Gospel to Nations, Senior Pastor at UNIQUE BLOSSOM MINISTRY INT'L Nigeria Elizabeth Iyadi Abaye is a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, she is the senior pastor of

Shahid Khan

World Peace Ambassador of Pakistan Khan has received a number of awards from the University of Illinois, including a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999 from the Department of Mechanical Science and Industrial Engineering, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service in 2006 from the College of Engineering, and (with his wife, Ann


  World Peace Ambassador of Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria Propelled by a Transformation Mandate of "Igniting Possibilities and Creating Opportunities that Empower Brands & Businesses and Transforms Lives", SHIRLEY HILLS, fondly called the 'Quintessential Possibilities Igniter' for her dogged ability and commitment towards creating platforms, opportunities, and results that drive innovation,

Josune Basterra Bustinza

World Peace Ambassador of Spain I have always been very interested in promulgating peace around the world. I try to contribute to spread the message on social media. I am very proud to see the effort that Israel and UAE have made to leave differences aside and focus on peace.

Dr. Lena Rundström

Ms. Lena Rundström Ms. Rundström works as a Medical Doctor at Torsby Hospital, Sweden. Besides working in Sweden she has also practiced her medical skills in the countryside of India, Turkey, and Uganda.

Sanda Kozić

World Peace Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina I was born on December 24, 1978 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My origins are Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and Bosnian. I am a graduate industrial manager and the owner and CEO of Capricorn d.o.o. Banja Luka. I am one of the founders

Reza Moussavi

World Peace Ambassador of Sweden A.I. analyst, EU Top 10 Innovators at Innovact Campus Award 2011 France Gothenburg, Vastra Gotaland County, Sweden Checkbox 902: I want to write about conflicts and the formula and solutions for peace by World Peace Tracts. Text 404: Peace and Freedom has been my passion.

HRH Princess Angelique Monét

World Peace Ambassador of the United States Futurist| Visionary|Entrepreneur| Celebrity TV Hostess| OTT Tech Pioneer| Entertainer| Public Figure| SDG Leader| Humanitarian| Living Legend| Public Speaker| Positive Mind Mentor| African-Euro Royal New York City Metropolitan Area

Aida G Tomolso

World Peace Ambassador of UAE Graduated in UK as a Town planner and real estate developer , worked in UK With City Council , housing research etc... working in Dubai been part of planning and development since 2004, same time doing a lot of investments in Africa . Been recognised

Baroness Dr Neena Richie

World Peace Ambassador of the United Kingdom Message: 9 Awards under Barones DR(hc) Neena Richie is an Accomplished philanthropist , Business women Film Producer Actor, Ambasidor. well respected lady internationally . Baroness Dr Neena Richie Has Traveld the world and through her travel she has accumulated international contacts. Accomplished name

Sileshi Umer Mohammed

World Peace Ambassador of Ethiopia Sileshi Sals Mohammed is an experienced transformational youth leader with vast skills of mentorship, project planning and management and public speaking. He is currently responsible for manage- ment of Safe Light Initiative, non-profit youth development organization that has transformed over 10,000 youths in Ethiopia. Through

Princess Tanatsiwa Hove

World Peace Ambassador of Zimbabwe Princess Tanatsiwa Hove Message: Iam a lady aged 24. I hold a degree in peace, leadership and governance and certificate in Human rights. I want to research conflicts and opportunities for World Peace Ambassadors to secure a ceasefire or a prisoner exchange; As a person

H.E AMB. Dr. Ritchie Yong Jian Niang

World Peace Ambassador of Malaysia Message: Ritchie Yong established the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce (APEACC), and actively adopted clear development ideas, strong development momentum, and a strong open atmosphere, highlighting the advantages of various regions in Asia-Pacific, and proposed the "Leading the Chamber of Commerce, "Investment, business and

His Lordship Baron Jason A Rodriguez

World Peace Ambassador of the United States of America I aim to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by established goals to build value, mindful of my social, economic and environmental responsibilities, as I remain to be committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all dealings.

HRH Princess Deun Ogunlana, Ph.D

World Peace Ambassador of Nigeria Executive Board Member at Fight Cancer Global President/CEO of Innovative Global Consulting Group Houston, Texas, United States
 Dr Louisa Akaiso

 Dr Louisa Akaiso

  World Peace Ambassador of Virginia My name is Dr Louisa Akaiso. I am a Master Civility trainer, Women Development Advocate, an author of several books, Leadership Coach and an executive director with the John Maxwell Leadership Institute. I feel honored to share that I am the recipient of World


World Peace Ambassador of India Dr. June Ann is a Director of Sim Ann Corps and well known social worker , she has decade of corporate experience in the Human resources , training & development with large number of Corporate house in India. Dr. June Ann - a dynamic, dedicated

Prof. Miriam Jaskierowcz Arman

WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR OF ITALY Miriam Jaskierowiz Arman was born in post war Germany of concentration camp surviving parents, who immigrated to America in 1962. Educated in both the United States and Europe, Miriam has lived and taught for over 35 years in many parts of the world including; Israel,

Rabbi Ariel B. Tzadok

WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR OF USA For over thirty years, Rabbi Tzadok has been a world renown expert of the authentic, Biblical "Secrets of the Torah" teachings, that many today simply call "Kabbalah." Unlike many of his peers, Rabbi Tzadok endeavors to teach the mystical traditions as they are understood by


WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR OF ISRAEL Shortly after passing the Washington State Bar, I felt that there was a higher calling and decided to make ALIYAH to Israel and pursue my passion of discovering the TRUTH and pursuing WORLD PEACE. Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I was blessed with the

H.E. Allana Folger

WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR OF USA My humanitarian efforts began in Girl Scouts USA at age 6. I’ve been a Hon. Global Ambassador for several years, appointed a Diplomatic Commissioner for Peace UN. Humbled as Managing Director Human Peace Ambassadors with 4k members globally. In addition, the COO Naifa Maruf Foundation
Minor Shofman Gutman

Minor Shofman Gutman

World Peace Ambassador of Tel Aviv Israel Chairwoman of ProWoman Organisation which promote women to senior leadership and management positions | Impact Entrepreneur|Director at various companies and at non profit organisations | Mentor and coaches of Managers| Leading Capital Markets Lawyer


World Peace Ambassador of  UAE Founder & CEO , Managing group of companies.   I want to start a World Peace Affiliate in my nation, state or city. Oath : Yes


World Peace Ambassador of Uganda   Edmund Walusimbi ( is a national public speaking award winner ranked as the Best Young Motivational Orator for 2019 by The Association of Uganda Public Speakers. He is the founder of The Secret Initiative, a youth program that has reached over 10,000 students with


World Peace Ambassador of NOIDA INDIAGood Morning, have a great day and good week ahead ! Greetings from New Delhi, India Keep spreading smiles, embracing happiness all around what you do !! In quickest shortest possible brief ------ Manu Seth , Founder , CEO ( Speaking Mindz Inc.) is a

Arijit Bhattacharyya

World Peace Ambassador of IndiaSerial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Public Speaker (Since 2008), Business Matchmaking Expert, Government Advisor,Artist, Author, Community Builder (Since 2010), Game Programmer (Since 1998 from legacy to latest game engines), Virtual Reality Specialist (Since 2006 with VRML to C# using game engines), AI Evangelist (Since 2002), Blockchain Specialist

William Kirk Eskridge

World Peace Ambassador of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA William Kirk Eskridge is the Chairman/CEO of TruNorth Global Corp, the largest Capital, Acquisitions and Commercial Risk Management Conglomerate in the world with offices in 15 countries and and operating in 60.

Hassan Ajebli

World Peace Ambassador of Moroccol’m 45 years old, married, having two children, i speak berbere, arabic, frensh, italian and a little english.
H.E. Mohammed Akteruzzaman

H.E. Mohammed Akteruzzaman

World Peace Ambassador of United Kingdom I did M.Com. at Dhaka University in Bangladesh prior to coming to the UK in 1969 for higher study in Post- Grad Diploma in Admin studies. at Metropolitan University, Leeds. then studied MBA (Public Service) at Birmingham University. The UK, Professional Membership: FCMI, London.

Kenneth Goldman

World Peace Ambassador of Atherton United States Yahoo CFO

Ehab I. Khalil

World Peace Ambassador of Cairo, EgyptI'm a 22 yesrs long husband and a father of 2 sons (21 & 18) whom are studying between South Africa, America and Canada since 2006. I'm an inspiring businessman, like to educate young generations from all the glob. I believe that power, loyalty and

H.E. Kamal El-hajji

World Peace Ambassador of United Kingdom Mr Kamal El-Hajji is the 41st Serjeant-at-Arms from BME backgrounds in UK House of Commons "Parliament" Appointed to this senior and Historic role which has been in place since 1415 by Her Majesty the Queen.
Daniel conference

Daniel Turcotte

World Peace Ambassador of Canada Since 1978, i am working and travelling the world to spread a peace and love message aiming to unite Human beings. For the last 40 years, i created and been the CEO of a few successful companies in the field of global health. I am


World Peace Ambassador of Canada Her Majesty, Queen Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa “MONARCHY OF YAYA. “OLA EZE” Ndigbo of Obieziokwu Palace Ghana. Royal Ambassador General – International Royal Representative of the throne of HRM. Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu. Eze Ohazurume- Ezeigbo Ghana. The King of the Igbos living
Dr. Ken. G. Morka

Dr Ken. G. Morka

World Peace Ambassador of South Africa Apostle Dr. Ken. G. Morka the President of Fountain of Hope Global Ministry and Ken. G. Morka Foundation. Fountain of Hope Global Ministry is a Ministry called to bring good news of Hope and Encouragement in every area of life to Everybody, Community, Our

Steven L. Oberle

    Steven L. Oberle Email: [email protected] CityandCountry: Mountain, Wisconsin, United States Whatsapphone: n/a Linkedin: Message: Experienced Philosopher, Ecologist, Farmer, Conservationist, Gardener, Educator, Consultant, Writer, Scientist. among others with a demonstrated history of working in public service, academia, and consulting. Skilled in Farming, Gardening, Photography, Fishing, Teaching/Extension, Scuba Diving,

Lisa Cohen

World Peace Ambassador of Israel Dedicated to bringing peace and harmony to every part of our world since I was a child. Using health and environmental issues I have worked in diplomatic ways to bring peace. As founder and volounteer director of BRACHA - living with a high risk of

Paul Manning

World Peace Ambassador of United Kingdom A seasoned and dedicated 55 Year old businessman with a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields, an experienced negotiator, mentor and leader of men. Passionate and driven with a will to make significant Global changes with an intension to leave the world in a