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Sir Patrick Bijou

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is a notable investment banker and highly sought after fund manager. As a senior judge for the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Courts ICC – ICJ, Sir Patrick combines financial expertise with a solid legal disposition and finds time to combine all this with his remarkable skill as a published author and his various charitable interests.

Sir Patrick studied in the USA and completed his bachelor’s in Business Studies and master’s in Economics and International Banking (1986) at Camden College, USA.

He also earned several degrees from Southampton University England and the University of Hertfordshire, England. In 2012, he obtained his PhD in Economics from Haworth College of Business.

He has exemplified exceptional analytical abilities to resolve international law and provide advisory views on legal and political matters referred to him by authorised United Nations organs and other organisations throughout his career. With over three decades of experience in various sectors, including politics, and international relations, Sir Patrick has leveraged his substantial knowledge at the ICJ-ICC and United Nations through these relationships.