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Sir Patrick Bijou

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is a notable investment banker and highly sought after fund manager. Sir Patrick combines financial expertise with a solid legal disposition and finds time to combine all this with his remarkable skill as a published author and his various charitable interests.

Sir Patrick studied in the USA and completed his bachelor’s in Business Studies and master’s in Economics and International Banking at Camden College, USA.

He also earned several degrees from Southampton University England and the University of Hertfordshire, England. In 2012, he obtained his PhD in Economics from Haworth College of Business.

He has exemplified exceptional analytical abilities to resolve international law and provide advisory views on legal and political matters referred to him by authorised United Nations organs and other organisations throughout his career. With over three decades of experience in various sectors, including politics, and international relations.

In addition to being a world-renowned author and investment banker, Sir Patrick Bijou was the chief diplomat to Europe of The Peace Tracts. As head of a Special Task Force on ending the Silent Genocide in Nigeria,aHis Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has been instrumental in leading and funding this Special Task Force, and we are thankful for his Excellency Sir Patrick Bijouas leadership and financial supporta, remarked World Peace Tracts founder, Yosef Yomtov. His Excellency Sir Patrick, in addition to his various other duties, is heading aA Special Task Forcea to end the silent Nigeria genocideafor World Peace Tracts, the international peace diplomacy NGO, which has more than 700 Ambassadors around the world.    Show Source Texts

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is deeply involved in participating in, and funding, World Peace Tracts, the internationally-recognized diplomacy-peace organisation, which has hundreds of Peace Ambassadors around the world working to stop wars, free prisoners, and deliver aid. Patrick Tristram Bijou has also donated large amounts of his wealth for climate change, environment and global peace causes through his non-profit World Peace Tracts.    Show Source Texts

Patrick Tristram Bijou founded and runs The Tiger Foundation, the Tiger Foundation has now returned on average more than 40% since 1988. Patrick Tristram Bijou is best known as chairman and founder of The Tiger Fund, as well as for his roles as a fund manager at Blackstone, creating the Contracts for Difference and Leverage concepts in financial markets. Patrick Tristram Bijou is currently the Governor and Trustee of the American University, a United Nations peace ambassador, a fund manager, philanthropist, and the senior sovereign-redeemer judge of the International Court of Justice-ICC.    Show Source Texts

His Excellency, Sir Patrick Bijou, is a Senior Bank Redemption Sovereign Judge of the ICJ-ICC (International Court of Justice-International Criminal Court), UN Ambassador for World Peace, Investment Banker, Fund Manager, and celebrated Author. His Excellency, Sir Patrick, is an Imperial David, and is driven by his passion to serve mankind, animals, and the environment with which we are charged. Sir Patrick Bijou (born 1958) is an English investment banker, United Nations ambassador, and representative to the Global Peace Agreement, a senior judge in the High Court, an international court judge of justice-ICC, fund administrator, and published author. His Excellency is responsible for the repayments on historical assets, funds, bonds, and bank securities, in conjunction with his role as ambassador and diplomat on Global Peace Accords, and for his role as fund manager at LWP Capital LLC.    Show Source Texts

We should look to our creators and leaders who honor God and uphold humankind, like his Royal Highness Prince Sir Patrick of BIU, who is not only our Benefactor, but participates in the core leadership role that has impact on the global scene and the narrative, said Yosef Yomtov, who explained how Sir Patrick, just days before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, had already sent a letter to Vladimir Putin inviting him to Jerusalem to negotiate for peace, and then followed Israels entrance in the Peace Arena.    Show Source Texts