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Our team of World Peace Ambassadors come from across the world from all walks of life and enjoy being part of a caring family of Ambassadors who all share a passion to use their talents influence and resources to serve humanity as a world family of Peacemakers. Our elite members are Captains of Industry, Billionaires, Royals, Barons and top NGO and Ministry leaders.


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Corporate Partnership
Will your company include World Peace Tracts as part of your corporate giving?
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How do you wish to be involved? I want to start a World Peace Affiliate in my nation, state or city.I want to write about conflicts and the formula and solutions for peace by World Peace Tracts.I want to be involved managing events and big projects.I want to research conflicts and opportunities for World Peace Ambassadors to secure a ceasefire or a prisoner exchange;I want to be a benefactor and donate funds to support the organization.
How do you see yourself best supporting the mission of World Peace Ambassadors?

Oath of Mutual Protection and Support
I hereby affirm that I shall support the mission and goals of World Peace Tracts and comply with all of their guidelines. And I solemnly pledge, in coordination with World Peace Tracts, and within my ability, resources and influence to aid another World Peace Ambassador who is in jeopardy.