Press Release May 20th -2021

World Peace Tracts of the UK

Press Briefing – May 20th, 2021



May 20, 2021 Dateline Jerusalem. 

Now in its eleventh day, the war between Israel and Hamas rages on. All parties recognize the need for diplomacy as part of any solutions. In response to the latest flareup in relations between Hamas and Israel, World Peace Tracts has launched a diplomatic effort and has dispatched several World Peace Ambassadors to the conflict.

Our Chief Ambassador of the United Kingdom H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou has been chosen to lead the talks with Hamas and a communique has been dispatched to the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Concurrently, our Chief Ambassador of Israel H.E. Roy Roznek has dispatched communiques to the Israeli leadership.

There are many benefits for the warring parties to choose WPT as a peace broker and leave the professional diplomats in their hotel rooms.

World Peace Tracts is a unique broker without conflicting agendas or historical baggage. Our Citizen Diplomats and our framework for diplomacy and achieving our goals takes a pragmatic approach to resolving conflicts and achieving our goals of peace.

World Peace Tracts is an international NGO with over 600 World Peace Ambassadors across the world and was founded in the neutral country of Sweden in 2007 

World Peace Tracts as a neutral party does not take sides in any conflict or dispute. Our World Peace Ambassadors are non-political and take no official position on politics or politicians, believing that our goals of ending hostilities, freeing captives and providing relief to victims of war are better served by maintaining our stance of neutrality.


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