Sir Patrick Bijou On Africa And World Peace

Sir Patrick Bijou joined the Peace Tracts as I believed in the Peace Tracts motto Peace Through Understanding Many conflicts arise out of misconceptions. Sir Patrick Bijou is Chief UK Ambassador and Europe Director-General for World Peace Tracts.    Show Source Texts

africa unityIn addition to being an internationally-renowned writer and investment banker, Sir Patrick is also Chief Diplomat of Europe for World Peace Tracts, the global NGO which has been advocating world peace since 2007. His Excellency, Sir Patrick, The Empire of David, is a man driven by his passion to serve mankind, animals, and the environment we are all entrusted to. His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has dedicated his life to creating solutions for alleviating poverty through global investments in education, health care and clean energy generation, aiming to grow stronger economies in countries throughout Africa and Asia, with an innovative blend of private sector investments, Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, and the donation of $50m to charities. His Excellency Sir Patrick, an investment banker and angel investor, is co-founder and chairman of the Empire Trust, the finance and investment arm of Empire of David, and is in the process of joining forces with international investors to start up a new Israeli car production company boasting of a business model disruptive to the sector.    Show Source Texts

With more than three decades experience in various fields covering the fields of writing, investment banking, finance, politics, and international relations, Sir Patrick has been able to put his vast knowledge to good use in the ICJ-ICC and the WPT. Sir Patrick Bijou remains an adviser to governments, treasuries, World Bank, and institutional banks, and offers his advice and investment services for financing small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as for financing large-scale projects. As one of the most successful investors in the world, his excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has demonstrated he can take risks with confidence, knowing even if initially not paying off, there are always ways of turning it around to succeed. Sir Patrick Bijou is an international finance executive, an adjudicator in ICC-ICJ Redeeming Tribunals, and author of numerous books on the subject of business, finance, and a number of literary titles.    Show Source Texts

HRH Sir Patrick Bijou is one of the highest-quality, engaging speakers using his expertise and knowledge on investment methodologies, banking strategies, and management to assist thousands of investors around the world. Sir Patrick Bijou has the ambition of continuing to ensure that the world we live in is safe, joyous, and environmentally sustainable for future generations, and restoring world peace, vitality, and prosperity by taking sustained, supporting measures that serve the long-term interests of our planet. Sir Patrick Bijou (born 1958) is an English Investment Banker, UN Ambassador, and a Global Peace Accords Representative, a High Court Senior Judge, International Court of Justice-ICC, Fund Administrator, and published author.    Show Source Texts

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