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Emanuele Mosca

World Peace Ambassador of ItalyUniversity Professor, Ambassador, Lawyer, Knight, Manager, International Relations Expert, Communication Expert
Drmahmoudalburai Uae

Dr Mahmoud AlBurai

Director of World Peace Tracts - UAE  World Peace Ambassador - United Arab Emirates Senior Advisor-Dubai Government. Global Goodwill Ambassador. SDGs leader. Proptech Advocate. SDGs Leader. Urban Activist. City Changer. Voice of Voiceless People. Founder of first Real estate Institute in the Middle East and First SDGs inspired Think Tank
lovisa peace tracts chairman

Lovisa Viktorsson

World Peace Tracts - Registrar Ms. Viktorsson has completed a Master Degree in Political Science at Uppsala University, as well as political science studies at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Drawing is and has always been a natural part of her life, and many people have inspired her creative work, among them

Susanna Godée

Ms. Susanna Godée Board Member Ms. Godée works as a project manager (CRA) at the Swedish branch of Quintiles, a world-wide company specialized at clinical research and drug development. She lives in Uppsala, Sweden, with her husband.

Dr. Lena Rundström

Ms. Lena Rundström Ms. Rundström works as a Medical Doctor at Torsby Hospital, Sweden. Besides working in Sweden she has also practiced her medical skills in the countryside of India, Turkey, and Uganda.