Your skills, talents and time are very valuable to the helping us achieve our peace goals.

World Peace Ambassadors serve their community and the world by being a leader and messenger of Peace. World Peace Ambassadors are Resident Peace Experts of their community and can be relied upon by local and international media to speak expertly and compassionately with sensitivity to all sides in the subjects of war and conflict and the need for greater mutual understanding. World Peace Ambassadors are confident and understand the authority they have within the human community and use that authority to unlock the most powerful doors in the world for the cause of peace. World Peace Ambassadors are free and autonomous without mandates, they do what they do because they care. World Peace Ambassadors work independently and collectively with the world office to extend their impact.


World Peace Tracts have effectively beaten a weapon of war into a tool for peace by developing peace tracts to build peace through understanding between conflicting parties, these touching and true stories cut through the hate rhetoric and work to counteract hate propaganda that is a regular feature of war and conflict since the beginning of time. Peace Messages in the form of short stories with lots of drawings has proven very effective over the years and is most recently used by the US military in Afghanistan.

These short illustrated stories are taken from real life events where one conflicting side helped or in some cases saved the life of someone they are in conflict with.These short messages are designed for all ages and are quickly read and passed on many times before being discarded..

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