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World Peace Ambassador



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Unlimited Financial Opportunity

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San Francisco Symphony Opening Night Gala

VVIPs Only Invitations

As the World Peace Ambassador of your City State or Region, you will have the World Wide Political, Business Community, Religious and Celebrity influence that will demand you get an invitation to special events hosted by political, business and community leaders.

BBusiness Roundtable

As the World Peace Ambassador of your City State or Region, You will be a business magnet with more opportunities than you will have time to pursue. Top business captains will want to do business with you, team up with you and invest with you. Our support to help you establish an Investment group, means you will make money and a percentage of every transaction potentially worth millions.


WWorld Peace Extravaganza

The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to stay in a country near you. A World Entertainment Olympics

Investment Portal

With Our support we help you establish a local investment portal and connect you to a world network


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Mayoral Ambassador

Lead Your City
Lead Your City

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lead your state
lead your state

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Presidential Ambassador

Lead Your Nation
Lead Your Nation

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But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord

Joshua 24:15

Join to serve

Our Leaders take pleasure in serving humanity and making the world a better and safer place.

Our Belief

“Whatever you wish that others 

would do to you, do also to them”

World Peace Tracts, serves humanity and does not take sides in conflicts and accepts people of all faiths.

Our Mission

To bring hope, change hearts and reduce hatred and violence. To Lobby for peace and alleviate the sufferings of war.  broker truce between warring parties and to secure the release of captives of war.

Our Community

As a City State or National leader we provide you with a team of World Peace Ambassadors who will be ready to help you, team up with you and invest with you.

World Peace Tracts

World Peace Ambassadors