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Dateline Sudan, October 26th 2021 In a twist of prophetic fate, The lone voice that stood in opposition to the Juba Peace Agreement, today is the only voice left standing. A military coup has rocked the nation and plunged it back into dictatorship, conflict and instability. Sudan is a complex composite of different tribes, religions, cultures and languages which has resulted in decades of war, strife and instability. 

On 3rd October 2020, Sudan’s leaders and representatives of several armed groups signed the ‘Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan’ This peace process was hosted by the world largest and most powerful nations who make up the “Friends of Sudan Group” 

The SPLR or Sudan People’s Liberation Revolution Party was the only group that opposed the Juba Peace Agreement citing its deficiencies in dealing with issues such as refugees, resource equity and with a lack of process oversight and management. 

Adam Husham the Chairman of the SPLR declared that the agreement was flawed and doomed to failure. Yet in its eagerness to achieve a deal, the Juba Peace committee rather than allying the concerns of the SPLR leader, the “Friends of Sudan, pushed the agreement forward to a conclusion without the signature of the leader of the SPLR who presides over millions of people across many countries. 


On October 21, 2021 a military coup seized upon the chaos and ineffectiveness of the transitional government to hold elections and took over the country. The next day, France, Germany, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, as members of the Friends of Sudan Group, condemn the disruption of Sudan’s civilian-led transition by rogue military elements in Khartoum.

The sputtering Juba peace agreement, signed a year ago, was doomed to failure. 

The exact concerns voiced by the SPLR Chairman Adam Husham manifested. None of the milestones of the agreement were implemented and finally culminated in a military coup that has decided to seize power in the midst of this confusion, lack of stability or clear roadmap to peace and democracy.

Sudan has been the common playground of the rich and powerful who come to exploit the riches of the country and leave behind a trail of death, destruction, pollution and poverty. It is suspected that powerful outside forces intent on plundering the country for gold which is leaving at the rate of over one ton a day are behind the latest coup in order to prevent any legitimate government from taking control and threatening their theft of billions daily.

The SPLR army has nothing to do with this military takeover and has pledged to offer support and a platform of inclusion and stability for all of the nation’s citizens and a platform for Pan African Unity. The Pan African Peoples Alliance was formed and includes representatives from all African Nations and top business leaders including the CEO of Weownomy.global H.E. Ssemakula Luyima.

World Peace Tracts is a Worldwide diplomatic NGO based in Sweden since 2007, charged with ending wars, releasing captives and providing relief to victims of war. In May 2021 WPT was approached by the SPLR representatives with their concerns about the Juba peace agreement and predicted that it was on a path to failure. WPT empaneled a “Blue Ribbon” committee led by His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou to chart a Path for Peace and the Pan African Peace Alliance Committee was formed. 

In June 2021 World Peace Tracts together with the State University of Oromia Ethiopia formed an academic panel with the goal of formulating an amendment to the Juba Peace Agreement that everyone can sign.



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