World Peace Ambassadors are an international diplomatic core of diverse citizens from all walks of life who have come together in organization and purpose to use their talents to serve humanity as messengers of hope and peace to the world. Our goals are to reduce violence, release captives and alleviate the sufferings of war.

World Peace Ambassadors are protected by the World Diplomatic Network of World Peace Ambassadors and affiliate organizations across the world. World Peace Ambassadors, share a mutual bond of purpose and commitment.: All World Peace Ambassadors pledge to come to the aid in assistance of any other World Peace Ambassador if they are unfairly put in jeopardy. As a recognized World Peace Ambassador, you will be given special contact details, so that if you are ever in a special emergency whereby all other forms of help have failed, you or your representative can contact us for an international response to your aid. including but not limited to working for your release, if you are ever taken captive.

World Peace Ambassadors can conduct Peace Conferences and Forums,
Intervene in conflicts to secure a cease fire or release of hostages when normal diplomatic channels have failed or have been abandoned or are non existent. To speak out in the media and other public forums on behalf of peace and the need for greater understanding reduced violence and alleviating the sufferings of war in concert with messages of peace in order to change minds and hearts. World Peace Ambassadors work in concert and by approval and backing of the world headquarters.

The Advantages of a World Peace Ambassador
Schedule a meeting with any dignitary, Ambassador, Celebrity or Politician and they shall not refuse. Follow our protocol and have a letter crafted and sent by your Secretary (a must) on your behalf to schedule a meeting in person or on the telephone. When that request comes from a World Peace Ambassador via the protocol mentioned here, then you will be able to meet with the most powerful corporate, diplomatic and political leaders and build a relationship for even future unrelated matters.

World Peace Ambassadors receive memos, alerts, newsletters and one on one communications with the director or his representatives. World Peace Ambassadors are chosen for their ability to support the organization in achieving its mission and goals with monetary and other support.